ECG machines- All you need to know about them

Published: 28th September 2011
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The medical facilities and aids which are presently available to the mankind are the gifts by medical science and technology. These medical technologies have given birth to life saving medical equipments such as ventilator and ECG machines which have brought a revolution in field of medical treatments. The discovery of ECG machines has proved to be highly beneficial for the mankind.

ECG machines are also known as EKG machines, wherein ECG stands for electrocardiogram and EKG stands for electrokardiogramm which is a German word. But both EKG and ECG are the same things. These machines have the capability of recording the electrical activity of a heart for a specific period of time.

When the heart beats, the impulses are produced in the muscles of hearts, and in electrocardiography, electric impulses produced in cardiac muscles by heart beats are recorded on graphs. In the process of ECG, some electrodes are attached to the outer skin of chest and these electrodes are attached with a device which records the reading.

There are a few main constituents of ECG machines such as ECG paper, ECG electrodes, clips, connecting pair of leads or cables and the support system. Electrodes and ECG papers are the most fundamental parts. ECG electrodes are designed in such a way that they can easily sense the electrical impulses produced by a heartbeat in the muscles. And further a device is attached with electrodes by connecting cables or leads which records and prints them on a paper called ECG paper.

Electrodes are made up of some conductor material which has the capability of passing current through it. Electrodes used in ECG machines are of several kinds such as active electrodes, passive electrodes, disposal electrodes, pointer electrodes and ecological electrodes.

It is not necessary that all the types of electrode can fit your ECG machine. It depends upon the configuration of machine that you have. Reusable electrodes are little costlier than other types of electrodes because they can be used again and again. But every time they are used, they are well cleaned and some electrodes are even washable.

ECG paper is also called as hard copy or ECG report. Doctors are able to study all the information about heart from this paper only. ECG paper was the only method to read the reports, but now advancement in technologies has put forward another alternative. Now ECG reports are not only recorded on paper, even whole recordings can be stored on computers. ECG papers are made up of quality materials because there is minimum speed of paper on which it can run in the printer of ECG. Standard ECG papers have a speed up to 25mm per second.

Now ECG machines are coming in portable sizes which are of less cost as compared to traditional ECG machines. Portable ECG machines are also called mini ECG machines. The ECG machines are the lifesaving machines as they can detect heat problems and act as diagnose measure for heart patients.

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